Brendan Staples is a professionally certified massage therapist with over 16 years experience. Born and raised in Port Colborne, Ontario, Brendan moved to Toronto to study massage therapy at Sutherland-Chan. In 2006, he continued his studies in Europe, where he trained at a Bavarian hospital treating post-surgical patients. His exceptional abilities and extensive experience make Brendan one of the most sought after massage therapists in the Niagara region.

Brendan's holistic knowledge of health includes:

  • Massage techniques for relaxation
  • Massage therapy for injury rehabilitation
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Fitness and training
Through his experience as a massage therapist, Brendan has come to appreciate the benefits of working with clients in their homes or workplaces, rather than in a clinical setting. As Brendan says:

"Personalized in-home sessions are convenient for my clients, and they allow me to maximize my effectiveness and provide exceptional service."

"I've been seeing Brendan for over six years and I've never met anyone who cares more about his clients. If he's worked on an injury of mine, he'll typically call or email me the next day just to see how I'm doing. He sincerely loves what he does and that passion definitely translates into his work."

- Amanda Cohen, 6 year client