Brendan's long list of clients includes high profile athletes and professionals in the Niagara region as well as throughout southern Ontario, who speak highly of his exceptional abilities and service.

Brendan's Massage Services are top-notch. As a musician and triathlete, my body is constantly battling fatigue and sore muscles, yet Brendan has kept me in great condition and injury-free for the past two years. I have had many Massage Therapists throughout the years but I'm happy to say the search is over.

- Ryan Altschuler, 6 year client

I originally came to see Brendan after being injured in a car accident. He has helped relieve my neck and back pain, jaw pain, stress and helped me recover from my surgery. Brendan has been integral to my physical recovery and his kindness, sense of humour and support have made it a real pleasure to work with him. I feel lucky to have him on my “team”.

- Emily Nicholas

Brendan is amazing and a true professional. He has helped me manage stress, sore muscles and fix many athletic injuries for years. He is really skilled and an expert at what he does!

- Noah Segal